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Linoleum was invented in England in 1863 by Frederick Walton who came up with the name linoleum; a sustainable, natural product, from the Latin name, linum, which means flax, and oleum, which means oil. Scottish flooring manufacturer Michael Nairn, who introduced the inlaid patterning that linoleum is known for, later perfected linoleum.


Linseed oil is pressed from the flaxseed; dried and ground into a fine powder known as "linoleum cement". The cement is cooled and mixed with pine resin, wood and cork dust, pigments of colors and limestone and pressed into homogenous sheets over jute backing. The word linoleum is often used incorrectly to describe any sheet flooring, when in fact flooring can be made from other materials such as vinyl, PVC etc.


Linoleum gets tougher with time as the linseed oil cures, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to indentation marks. This is why linoleum is used frequently in school and hospital applications.

Anti-static, Anti-bacterial
Linoleum does not absorb dust and because of that the maintenance of linoleum floor is easy and, therefore, does not cause allergies or create a risk to people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Warm and Comfortable
Linoleum is a thermal and sound insulator, which makes the floor warm and comfortable under foot. It reaches the room temperature quickly and can be used with under-floor heating.

Fire retardant
Just like cork floors, linoleum is a naturally fire retardant material, which does not off gas.

Environmental Benefits
Linoleum is a natural material that has readily renewable ingredients. It is biodegradable, formaldehyde free and non-toxic. Novas Linoleum Floating Floors are also FSC Certified in recognition that the products meet stringent environmental, social and economic standards.

Easy Installation
Nova Linoleum Floating Floors are manufactured in 12x36 planks and 12x12 tiles in a patented click system from Unilin. It is a glueless installation that snaps together very easily that do it yourself homeowners can install.