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Nova Cork Tiles Technical Specifications


  Cork Tiles with Hard-wax Oil Finish
Dimensions 12"x12"x3/16" (nominal)
Finish Hard-wax Oil Finish
Density Cork 480 kg/m3 30 lbs/ft3
Weight per Square Foot 0.98 lbs/f2
Residual Indentation Max. 0.25mm
Wear Resistance Taber Abrader CS17 1000 gr. with 1000 cycles result:
0.018 gram
Fire Test CFLs2 (B2)-Class B2
Reaction to Static
Impact Sound Reduction 13Db
Thermal Conductivity 0.050 m2 K/W
Resistance to Chemicals Resistant to diluted acids, oils, fats and known solvents, not resistant to alkalis PH>9
Formaldehyde Testing 38 Ug/m3 Formaldehyde Free-E1
Packaging Tiles 106.57 sq/ft cartons with 11 tiles in a bundle of 10
Storage conditions Store cartons in laying position where relative humidity is 50%-60% and temperature is between 60%-75%